Monday, March 27, 2006

We just learned that the doctors traced the source of Matthew's fever to a Staph infection in his urinary tract. The probable cause was his catheter. Matthew has Kidney Reflux which means his urine backs into his kidneys from his bladder. That is worrisome because a kidney infection is dangerous. The good news is that they can target his infection with a specific antibiotic so we should get the fever under control soon. We don't know how long this might keep him in the hospital but the antibiotic can be administered through his G-tube so we could do it at home. Terri and I will be spending our third night sleeping on a small pull-out chair that gives new meaning to the name "love seat". It is a small price to pay to be close to Matthew's bedside while he is so sick. Thank you everyone for your continued support and prayers.


Shari said...

Get better sweet Matthew so you can all go home. Bet Mommy and Daddy are exhausted too! So glad they now have a reason for your fever and they can treat this and and make you all better. Be strong lil Matthew you'll be home in no time. Thinking of you and sending prayers your way.

Take care, Shari

Grandma Sue said...

Our poor sweet baby has to keep going through so much. He just wants to feel better and get home where all of you can be together and not in the hospital. Thank God he has Michael & Terri for parents. You are so dedicated to your precious little boy and he depends on you to be near him and watch over him. I'm praying that the medication they are giving him will clear this up quickly.

I love you all so much.

Grandma Sue

Anonymous said...

So sad to hear that Matthew is sick. Good that they figured out what was causing it and hopefully you guys can be home soon. Take care, Christine (RN from LPCH CVICU) - By the way, I had my Aunt look at the blog when that picture of Matthew and I were up there. She was like, "Oh my gosh he is so big now! ) Take care of yourselfs and lil' Matthew. :)

Grandma W said...

I am so happy they now "know" where the fever is coming from and can target it with drugs that will take care of it. Actually, what we did know,for sure, was Matthew has that chest cold/virus that has caused him to be so congested and uncomfortable. We thank God it was not pneumonia. To watch him cough up strands of phlegm makes our chest hurt. Bless mommy and daddy for being right there to help him free his mouth of all that junk. It has to be so frightening for him. Please continue to keep Matthew in your prayers for a speedy recovery. With all those tubes and wires necessary for the surgery, we are very fortunate this was the only area affected. For this we are truly grateful. Get well soon my precious sweet baby. Grandma loves you so much. grandma w

Denise said...

oh little sweet will be well and home soon, and the new routine can begin. in the meantime you have all of us all over the world praying for you and your family to hurry home!!!!
you are so brave and calm....whatta guy!!

Thank you Lord for this day!

E. Tofaeono said...

Oh sweet baby, It makes me sad to hear that your not feeling well. Get better soon sweet baby! You have the best parents taking care of you, and they will make sure that you come home soon. God will continue to watch over his little angel.