Monday, March 20, 2006

First thing this morning Katelyn and Dr. Amir removed Matthew's chest tubes. These tubes are the approximate diameter of my pinky finger and are used to drain blood and fluid from Matthew's chest cavity. It is a quick procedure done while the patient is fully awake. I must say I winced as each tube was drawn several inches out of Matthew's abdomen.

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Grandma W said...

The ole purple glove routine always seems to bring a little pain. Actually Cheryl said his drainage has been minimal this time. These are the tubes that left very big scars because the run so deep. I couldn't watch when the ART line was pulled from his groin. Just less openings for infection....... and that is wonderful. All of us rejoiced when we learned Dr. Hanley was able to close Matthew's incision right there in OR.

We have so much to be thankful for this trip. God had shed his "light" on all of us. I hope other parents read this Blog and receive "hope".
I love you, my Hero. You are the greatest!!! grandma w