Sunday, March 19, 2006

Vicky is one of the head Respiratory Therapists. She spent hours upon hours with Matthew last summer just like Margo. Vicky went to bat for us when we were pleading for Matthew not to have a trachiotomy (the ventilator in the front of the throat like Christopher Reeve had). We wanted to try Vapotherm, a different breathing system, and Vicky got a trial model from the company for us to use. Matthew was the first child ever to use Vapotherm at Stanford and it worked wonders. Thank you Vicky (and Dr. Conrad)for all the extra research and coordinating you did on Matthew's behalf. You facilitated a true miracle.

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Grandma W said...

God bless you and Dr. Conrad. You got the ball rolling in a positive direction for Matthew, and will never be forgotten. His lungs are where they are today because of your courage and persistence. grandma w