Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fun at the Beaver kiddie pool

Little Taylor was soo sweet to stay in the kiddie pool and play w/ Matthew.

Auntie Tanji taking him in for a dip.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Taking a little nappie on the drive to Beaver.
His new friend Marketta giving him a spin on the ATV.

Here's a cute picture of Matthew in Beaver with our neighbors HEALTHY kids ....
as you can see, he's not interested in eating one bit. The other kids were attacking their Mickey Mouse waffles... Sitting him at the table w/ other kids while they eat is a good thing though...
Someday he'll catch on and see how good food is!

I've got some great pics of him at the Beaver "kiddie" pool. Tanji had the great idea of taking the kids swimming ~ Taylor was a real champ and hung out with Matthew in the pool. Now that it's June and past the RSV season, we can relax a little bit about him getting anything that would affect his respiratory system. It's so nice to actually get out of the house!!!

We've been a little behind on updating blog b/c we've been going to Beaver 3 days out of the week to work on the cabin. If you want to see some recent cabin pics, click here. Mike is really working his tail off between the cabin and his new position as Sergeant.