Friday, March 17, 2006

Above Matthew's head you can see the cutest little name plate that Rachel made for Matthew. Many of the nurses are also gifted at scrapbooking. There is nothing like a little personalization in an otherwise sterile environment. Sometimes I feel guilty that we are drawing away love that would otherwise be going towards their own families. There should be more songs written about the angelic nature of nurses.


Denise said...

i am so impressed with the comments about staff that came running when they heard matthew was is just so nice, and its not as if they don't have busy jobs, yet they came running...didn't have to, could be jaded and callous...but nope, they are special folks!!! Thank GOD for them!!!!

Grandma W said...

Daddy will learn more with time that "LOVE has no limits". God has given each of us so much there is enough to go around and around many times. It's like breast feeding. The more often you pump, the more milk you make. Love is like that. People who love a great deal are filled with love that just explodes onto those on the outside. I would love to meet the nurses families and tell them how much their loved one means to our family. I agree, there should be more songs of praise for nurses. There is no instument that can measure the quanity or quality of their work. It seems it must be "experienced in the hearts and minds of those who need them". No chart would be long enough to measure their worth. We can only "love" them for being themselves. Our family Loves you back, too! grandma w