Friday, March 17, 2006

After the endotrachial tube came out of his throat, a "blow-by" of oxygen maintained his O2 saturation while they prepared his nasal canula.


Grandma Sue said...

Just look at the care and concern of the nurses. The children there are not just patients, they are treated as if they were their own children. Thank you for your dedication and for being so wonderful to our little boy.

Grandma Sue

bird said...

Hey, We all remember this look from college right! After pub night------ (Where am I?) Great hand technique with the ambu mask- Is that a hand model?

Grandma W said...

Annie, on the left, was so perfect for Matthew, Mommy, Daddy, Auntie Kim and I during the day of surgery and next. Extubating Matthew was one of the biggest moments of deep concern for all of us. Look at Annie gently holding our litte Hero during what I think must have been very frightening. The relief they must have experienced is seen on Annie face. Wow! it's done, what a relief they must have felt.
God was in this picture too, you just can't see Him. Love all of you, grandma w