Friday, March 24, 2006

Matthew has outgrown his cute little wooden bassinet. Therefore we set up this portable play pen that moonlights as a bassinet. It has much more headroom inside and still enables Matthew to sleep in our room where we can tend to his overnight needs. This picture was taken right at bedtime. Matthew had a pretty tumultuous night without much sleep for any of us. He didn't have much of a urine output and seems to be getting a cold which made him very uncomfortable. He repeatedly coughed up some congestion which made his surgery-tender tummy hurt. I feel guilty for giving him my cold but there is just too much work involved in Matthew's care to leave it all up to Terri and stay clear of him.


Denise said...

he looks no worse for the wear but that is youth for you!!!

Bless your little heart Matthew!!!!

Denise said...

oh no little must get over this cold and fever!!! you are such a strong little guy, i know you will be just fine in no time!!!

God Loves you Matthew!!!!

Grandma W said...

As a post script to my comments, Matthew was kept overnight at Sunrise Hospital due to another spike in his temp. I arrived after a "grocery run" when they were leaving for the hospital. This is the same sweet little face I encountered.

When the King Trio arrived at Sunrise, they were met by Number 1a Auntie Kim and Number 1b Auntie Gabrielle. Matthew was running a 102.7 temp. Numerous tests were performed including a chest x-ray. They admitted our little Hero; but mommy and daddy stayed overnight with Matthew because there are 7 patients to one nurse, and that ratio equates to one patient visit per hour. I has only been 10 days since Matthew's surgery, so daddy and mommy stayed to tend to his immediate needs. Matthew knows that mommy and daddy are his best line of defense in the event he encounters the "boogy man" during one of his feverish dreams. Love you sweet baby! Get well! grandma w

Grandma W said...

Michael I doubt very seriously if you gave Matthew your cold. "Everybody" at the hospital was in various stages of this junk including Auntie Kim, myself, Johnny and his family. This stuff is airborne and pretty tough to avoid. At around 11:a.m today you headed to the hospital's ER as Matthew had 102.7 degree fever. We are waiting to see if he gets to come home tonight. Don't beat yourselves up, none of you deserve it. You cannot get enough liquids into Matthew right now. With 102.7 fever, strip him down to the bare minimums. Believe he is not going to catch a cold with a fever that high. Love grandma w

Grandma Sue said...

I'm hoping this will pass quickly and they can all get back to their "normal" but hectic daily schedule. Michael was so careful to wear a mask while in the hospital with Matthew and we all realize that cold germs are everywhere. I know they are both exhausted, but were right by Matthew's bedside the entire night. I pray the fever will go away and stay away and he will feel much better so he can go home.

Love, Grandma Sue