Saturday, March 18, 2006

Matthew has more lines coming out of him right now than the back of your average entertainment center. Even so, Cheryl our nurse artfully gathered them all up just so I could hold my son for an hour or so this morning.

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Grandma W said...

This was one of the "highlights" of the time for Matthew. Daddy was allowed to cradle him is his arms including bundles of tubes and all. This was on Saturday when shaking the sedatives was painful for him and all to see. Matthew is used to being held frequently by mommy and daddy. It was painful to watch him extend his arms to be picked up without success. Cheryl knew this was theraputic to both father and son. I won't apologize for my hair. I did not have "one" good hair day the entire 5-days I was there and I really didn't worry about it either. Every body knows Matthew got his beauty from Barbie and Ken, so the level of competition was zelch! Love you boys with all my heart! grandma w