Monday, March 20, 2006

Once his room was cleaned and ready, Katelyn and I rolled Matthew up to the third floor. It was hard to leave the CVICU staff we had grown so accustomed to.


Grandma W said...

Matthew is another step closer to going home. He is out of CVICU and in the step down unit. I know the King Trio will miss all those left behind in CVICU; but they are friends for life. How could anyone forget those caring and loving people who give so much of themselves. Notice the See's Candy bag that goes from place to place with Matthew. I am sure they all will have to go on diets once Michael and Terri leave. LOL. What the heck, in a 100 years it won't matter anyway. Life is good! grandma w

Grandma Sue said...

Well as long as you bring the See's candy, I'm sure they will all come to visit. Just kidding. They all come to visit to share in the joy of a little boy they took care of during the worst times. The smiles on their faces tell the story.

Thank you to the entire staff for taking such wonderful care of Matthew and for becoming true friends of Michael & Terri.

Love, Grandma Sue