Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Matthew has become fascinated with my coffee mug. When I walk into his room he gets an immediate radar lock and his head tracks it as I walk across the room. I love to watch him look at his circus mirror reflection from the metal so I wipe it down with a sani-wipe and hand it over until he gets his fill. Lucky for me it was empty when I took this picture. By the look on his face, I wasn't getting it back.


Denise said...

its mine, all mine!!! just try to take it away dad! that is so darn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandma W said...

He is saying, "now doesn't this make me look just like my daddy"? I cannot believe how beautiful his coloring is. Mother nature painted his makeup perfectly. Daddy carries this mug around all the time and Matthew wants to be "just like him". It is almost as big as he is, but Matthew is showing you what a big boy his is already. He has my vote, that's "fur sher"! A child of a thousand expression and they are all so meaningful. Hugs and kisses little prince of courage. I love you, grandma w