Friday, March 31, 2006

This has been the hardest week yet for us. Terri and I aren't used to seeing Matthew this uncomfortable. By Sunday Matthew developed the most awful, hacking cough I've ever heard come out of a child. Usually one most enjoy a lifetime of cigarette smoking to develop this level of a wreching cough. Terri and I are thoroughly exhausted from the sleepless nights but my sympathies go to my son. He endures semi-hourly interruptions of his sleep for respiratory therapies, vital signs checks, diaper changes, rectal thermometer checks, and the administering of copious medicines. He is obviously responding negatively to the constant medical traffic in & out of his room because he is exhibiting an apprehensiveness towards personal contact that I've never seen before. Between the cough and diarrhea he is just miserable. Terri and I are hopeful that we might take Matthew home this evening where we can work towards rebuilding his innocent, trusting demeanor. He will likely go home on twice the amount of medications and breathing treatments. I am sorry there haven't been more postings on the Blog but I have been spending my nights at Matthew's bedside, then heading straight to work (sometimes without even showering or changing clothes). This will pass soon and our lives will return to a more normal pace. Thank you all for your thoughts and continued prayers.


Denise said...

poor little darlin....your daddy looks so sleepy in this picture....but what a man you have to show you how to grow up and make the most of all the gifts God has given you. He is the best Matthew magoo, and you are so lucky!! So smile big for daddy, it gives him the strength he needs to carry on the fight for your life!!

Grandma W said...

Daddy and mommy can be very proud of the 24/7 full time medical assistance, not to mention the value of their "mere presence" alone. There is no doubt that once Matthew gets away from the "blue" rubber glove routine, his apprehensiveness will disappear. There is "no place like home" and our little Prince has learned this early in his life. Both mommy and daddy have had the cold virus during this hard week as well. This just added to their worries fears and fatigue. Your are a good daddy and mommy and a good nights sleep will cure a lot of ails. Life is good! Thank you for the update! grandma w

Grandma Sue said...

Oh my gosh, my son, you look so exhausted. I'm hoping you can catch up on sleep when you get home. I'm sure it will be hectic for awhile until Matthew is totally well and back on his schedule.

I can't tell you how proud I am of you and Terri. Your love for Matthew has brought you to a new high. You are magnificent parents and Matthew looks to both of you for his every need. He will reward you with so much love and respect, not to mention with so many fun times.

Take care of yourself and your family.

I love you. Mom (Grandma Sue)

abbi silver said...

Thank God that little baby is going home!!! We have been praying for his speedy recovery. Can't wait until he is with the people he loves in his own little bed. God Bless Mathew, Terri and Michael. Abbi