Thursday, May 28, 2009

Almost finished w/ the steroids. THANK GOD.

We are almost done with the steroids. Poor Matthew is like a little Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A couple pics from the past couple days

Waiting to be released on Tuesday.
Just waiting to go home. This is Cody, a therapy dog.

Home sweet home in mom and dad's bed.

On our way home from hospital.

Matthew is still not feeling so good, definitely needs the oxygen. Getting lots of meds and breathing treatments. We go see Dr. Tenby and Dr. Nakamura tomorrow.

When I have more time, I will post some awesome birthday pictures of Matthew's birthday party up in Beaver. We had a Blue's Clue's cake and Mike had an awesome "hunting" cake.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just got home from hospital ... all hooked up to oxygen tank and his oxygen SAT monitor ... off to the pharmacy to fill his many new prescriptions. Whew... there's no place like home. This is like de ja vu for us. Should be getting oxygen concentrator soon, w/ humidified air so his little nose stays moist.

Not a good night last night for Matt and Mike

Mike just text'd me, he'd be surprised if Matt got to go home today, had a hard time keeping SAT's up even on 3 liters. Matt didn't sleep well and neither did Mike.

They repositioned Matthew, sucked out his nose, changed sensor and gave him extra treatments and CPT... still didn't help.

That worries me.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Here it is... the shot we all dread in the hospital gown

Ah yes, we all know and dread this hospital gown and the walk around the halls. Matthew had the advantage of a diaper, however :)
He took a few more strolls around the halls today. His oxygen levels drop when he sleeps and he was back up to 2.5 liters when I left tonight. He is scheduled to be released tomorrow morning, but on oxygen support at home.
Daddy is on his way back to the hospital to do another sleep over with Matthew. Luckily, there is always at least one parent with him at any given time. Terri will head home and get some much needed rest.

Face of an Angel, Heart of a Soldier

Doesn't he look like a little angel? He really is such a soldier. They tried to take him off his oxygen, but his oxygen saturation levels dropped again. So, he's back on a small amount. They say he'll be able to come home when he goes an entire night without any oxygen support.

More strolls around the halls

Unlike this picture, he really does enjoy his little walks. The only time I thought we might have a problem is when he saw the wagon... he loves to ride in the wagon he has at home. Mike did a good job diverting his attention whenever we came close to the little red wagon.

I just love this!

Another picture of Matthew giving himself medicine. It's just too cute, I had to post another picture of it.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Elephant Mask

Today was not a "bad" day... he just didn't seem to progress very much from yesterday. Getting him out of bed and walking the halls was a really good thing, however. Not only did he enjoy it, but it's very good for his little lungs.

Even the lion needed a breathing treatment today

His respiratory therapist brought him this lion today. Matthew was happy giving him breathing treatments. Dr. Tenby stopped by later and showed Matthew how the lion should cough after the treatments.

Matthew is very proactive in his care

Here, he is pretending to administer some medication through his G-tube. He had so much fun doing this. I hope they give reduced hospital rates for self serve.

Reading Time

Gramma W spent some time reading to Magoo this afternoon. He enjoyed it. There was a little dog in the book that looks like Gramma's little dog, Moose.

Matthew finally gets out for a walk in the halls

We all did four or five laps around the pediatric unit today. It did take three adults to accomplish this with all of his equipment. I think I ran into Daddy's feet about ten times with the oxygen tank. Oops! Matthew was so cute, though. He was happy to be out and about. He made sure he looked into every single room... just like his Mommy. Love ya, Terri!!

Mommy's sick too!!

Uh oh... mommy's sick now, too. But don't her eyes look pretty :)

Sunday Update

Daddy spent the night with Magoo again last night. He says he slept pretty good until his oxygen sats dropped into the 80's and they had to come in an fuss with him. They squirted some water up his nose to loosen the "ickies" and suck them out. :( This morning Daddy got him to smile by giving him a pediasure bottle you see in the picture. He doesn't drink from it... he just likes playing with it. Thanks, Gramma Wright for remembering to bring it for him. If only we could sneak in the "magic bullet." He loves that thing.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just got home from hospital. Mike just got off work and he'll be staying overnight w/ Magoo.

Dr. Nakamura (the pediatric pulmonologist) came in at 1am this morning, 3pm this afternoon and he was there again at 10pm tonight!! He is one of the hardest working doctors I've ever seen.

He said that it will most likely be a couple more days before Matthew can come home ~ and he might come home on oxygen. He is still very wheezy, junky in the lungs ~ his SAT's keep dipping into the 80's when he dozes off. He just doesn't feel good, you can see it in his little eyes.

My friend Gwenna text'd me tonight and said our foster baby had a 101 fever today... He is already on antibiotics, so I don't know what's up w/ that. She is giving him Tylenol and hoping he gets better.

Couple of smiles today :)

We got a couple of smiles out of Matthew today. He does not like the vibrating chest vest. Dr. Nakamura is weening him off of the oxygen, but he still requires some for now. His little lungs are still very wet and noisy. Matthew has his own stethoscope at home so the nurse let him take a listen today, too. It was very cute.
He gave his little stuffed animals breathing treatments and then pretended to feed them his nutrition supplement. This made him laugh... even if it was brief.

Dr. Seuss helps too!

Nothing like a little "Cat in the Hat" to help keep Matthew calm and his attention diverted. He LOVES books. I must say, Daddy, does a very good job reading. He can make the tax code sound exciting and interesting. :)

Vibrating Chest Vest

Dr. Nakamura prescribed this vibrating chest vest for little Magoo to help loosen up the junk in his lungs. Here he is sporting the latest fashion in pulmonary wellness while receiving his breathing treatment.

Matthew Update

It's not RSV!! YIPPEE!!!

Matthew slept well almost all night, except when they had to reposition him due to shallow breathing.

Pediatric pulmonary specialist, Dr. Nakamura, says he should be able to go home by Sunday if he continues to improve!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Gwenna is an angel

A special thank you to Gwenna Morganson and her husband for taking Mike and Terri's foster baby while Magoo is in the hospital. Thankfully, they have already been certified as foster parents and were more than willing to take in the little guy until Matthew is out of the hospital and feeling better. God Bless you guys!!

Charlotte's Web video has captured his attention and relaxed him for a bit.

Finally... a very short nap.

This is how the poor little guy has looked for a couple of days. The steroids that help the inflamation in his lungs make him just miserable. He hasn't slept in a couple of days.

Picture taken within the last hour. They've started Magoo on oxygen. The IV was started a few hours ago. He was such a trooper (besides the wonderful nurse who got in the vein in first stick). He's already had a heart ultrasound and ruled out any cardiac problems related to this illness.

Matthew is in hospital

He's been sick for over two weeks now... terrible coughing and breathing problems ...

he's been on 3 different antibiotics and and he's on his second batch of steroids. Just can't seem to kick it.

Took him to see his pediatrician this morning (Dr. Tenby asked me to bring him in while I was taking Jayden to doctor yesterday).

Dr. Tenby scared the crap out of me.... he seemed so worried and concerned.

He's a sick little boy. Glad he's in hospital and getting the care he needs. He's on an IV drip w/ steroids.

Please keep him in your prayers.