Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Melanie is Dr. Hanley's Physicians Assistant. She does the best job of explaining heart defects and how they are repaired. Last summer I could barely pronounce or understand "Unifocalization" (the procedure Matthew had) before Terri and I met with her. She did such a good job of taking the "world of the unknown" out of the operation that we weren't even concerned when it came time for her to explain the risks. In addition to our "pre-op" interview, Melanie came by several times to look in on Matthew after his surgery.

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Grandma W said...

The "woman behind the scene" is no ordinary person in Matthew's case. We have heard Melanie's name spoken many times with love and fondness. Even Matthew realizes he is in the presence of a "special angel". Melanie, we thank you for taking such good care of mommy and daddy and watching over Matthew.

Michael is very impressive as he explains Matthew's procedure and condition with expertize. In fact,one doctor at Stanford asked "what department" Michael worked in because he always saw daddy dressed so sharp walking down the halls. Michael's understanding of medical terms is awesome. God bless you Melanie! We love all of you at Stanford. grandma w