Friday, March 31, 2006

Auntie Kim has been stopping by every night to keep Terri company.


Denise said...

precious child, we really need to see you smile be well and smiling and cheering us all with your obvious you hang in there and get well and then we will see you here again with your big big grin!!!!
Dear Lord, Bless the King Trio and ease this burden they bear with joy in Your love. Thank you Lord for this day!!

Grandma W said...

Actually Denise, Auntie Kim, mommy and/or I did try to get a smile out of Magoo on numerous occasions. All he did was start crying as if to say, "I don't think you are funny, Can't you see I am sick and have a right to be miserable". Yesterday, I "almost" got a smile; but he caught himself when the sides of his little rosebud mouth started to go up. He is truly a child of thousands of expressions; but the ones I observed this week I hope "never" to see again. They were of fever, pain and total misery.

Auntie Kim had to do the very worst thing an animal owner must do when they love their animals with all their hearts. She had to put her 19 year old dog, Taffy, to sleep. Because of our family's love for animals, Taffy was one of our favorites and have loved her all those 19 years. This was like losing one of her children. Auntie Kim is the greatest Auntie's of all time. Every neice and nephew is a better person today because of her giving love for them. We all love you Kim. I know your nightly visits meant so much to Terri, Michael and Matthew. Love you, too sweet baby, grandma w

Denise said...

i know of Kim's love for her animals, her babies, and i can so heart is heavy for your grief as well!! we are as blessed with our animals as we are with human babies. Dog IS God spelled backwards and i don't think that is an accident!

i am certain you were all doing every thing possible to get a smile from the trooper, but he felt way to awful, poor dearest!! but now, on to HOME where heaven lives for Matthew! Thank you Lord for bringing Matthew thru this latest crisis and giving all the King's family the strength to endure this!

Grandma Sue said...

I think Auntie Kim could bring a smile to anyone's face. She gets plenty of those from Matthew but right now he just doesn't want to. Hopefully he will be feeling well soon so he can start to enjoy his life the way it was meant to be.

We love you Matthew & Auntie Kim

Grandma Sue