Friday, March 17, 2006

Carolyn, The lead Chaplain, came by every day to help tether our faith to the dock during the roughest seas last summer. This visit has been no different. Carolyn led us in a wonderful prayer at Matthew's bedside today where she asked God's help in a successful extubation.


Grandma Sue said...

Carolyn always knows exactly the right thing to say no matter what the situation. She brought Terri & Michael through some very rough times. She is a true inspiration to everyone who is lucky enough to be around her.

Thank you for everything you do.

Love, Grandma Sue

Grandma W said...

Carolyn demonstrates the warmest, most reassuring smile along with simple and few words that quiet the heart. She instills and quiets the stirring of a worried mind and pain in the heart. She is just one of God's angels who quietly walks the halls at Stanford. She walks softly but carried a "big" message of Faith, Hope and Love about God's Work. God has placed such wonderful angels along the path in all our lives. God bless you, Carolyn. grandma w