Sunday, April 30, 2006

Matthew and I volunteered our services to the Knights of Columbus pancake breakfast this morning at our church. As usual, he was a big hit.

Earlier this week I took Matthew for a ride in his jogging stroller. He likes to "roll" with his shades on.

This is Dr. Asadifar, the Neonatologist who cared for Matthew during the first four days of his life. Terri and I just love him. He is very devoted and truly loves children. When he first saw how Matthew had grown, he threw his hands up to his head and thanked us for bringing Matthew for a visit.

This is KiKi who was Matthew's NICU nurse at Summerlin Hospital when he was first born. She is a very caring nurse and was a godsend the day we learned of Matthew's heart defect.

After our visit with the Summerlin NICU Staff Matthew had two doctors appointments. First he saw his Cardiologist, Dr. Gary Mayman, and got a glowing review. Matthew's heart looks great. His valve is already leaking but Dr. Mayman said it was very minor and to be expected. We then went to see his Pediatrician, Dr. Michael Tenby who gave him this soft baseball. Dr. Tenby's nurses could not get over how big Matthew is. We reviewed his feeding regimen and were instructed to ensure that his caloric intake did not fall below a prescribed level.

Just before he got another shot at Dr. Tenby's office Tuesday, Matthew was in fine spirits.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Terri is so happy with Matthew's progress. It is so great to walk around during the day without him being tethered to his oxygen machine. Now Terri & Matthew are free to roam the house and do exciting things...

...Like laundry. Oh well, no one ever said our life was glamorous.

"Hi, Uncle Jerry? Hey it's Matthew. Can you send your Angels from Stanford over to give me a breathing treatment? Ya, I'm feeling a little congested..."

Matthew looks as if the red lights and siren of a police car are right behind him. "Whoops, I shouldn't talk & drive."

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Momma-razzi caught up with our Little Hero and Auntie Kim "doing lunch" together. Matthew really "digs" this "eating out thing" which just proves he is related to "all of us". LOL The sunglasses are an added touch of sophistication to an otherwise "very mellow fellow". But, then again, could it be because he is lunching with a Deputy District Attorney that he did not want to be recognized???? You know how the Media bashes "celebrities" and put their own spin on things. It looks to me like it was a positive setting from the big smile on his beautiful Auntie Kim's face. Love you two! grandma w

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Matthew looks like such a big boy in his new "big boy" shorts and T-shirt. Here he is all ready to play and "nobody" to play with. I think he wants mommy or daddy to put down the camera and come play with him. What's a little guy to do???
That toy in front of him looks pretty challenging, doesn't it.... It's that round peg thingy that has to go into a star, triangle or square hole.hummmmm. That's a tuffy for grandma as well. Don't fret, my pet, just toss it aside and move on to something less frustrating. Let's see, what else do we have here??? How about a pan with a lid and a spoon? That makes lots of noise!!!! hee hee Love ya sweet baby, grandma w

Monday, April 24, 2006

There are many more pictures to come but I had to post this one. Doesn't Matthew look like he is striking a magazine cover pose?

Hanging from my shirt is our parrot Amie. She has become quite jealous since Matthew was born. As busy as we are with Matthew we just can't devote the same amount of time to spoiling her as we used to.
Sunday was truly a day to celebrate, because the King Trio was able to venture out for breakfast. Yes, Matthew was able to join them! This was a "first" to my knowledge and I hope many more to follow. This was a "giant step" forward for the King Trio. The look on Matthew's face clearly indicates our "litte Prince" was well please!! I would assume our hero ordered "Green Eggs and Ham" and served by "The Cat in the Hat". :) Mommy said that Matthew slept the entire time. You know what they say about the first impression leaving a lasting impression. Life is good! Love you, sweet baby! grandma w

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Today was bathtime. Terri says that Matthew has "potatoes" growing out of his ears when he doesn't get frequent enough baths.

On his cheek you can see some tissue breakdown. Matthew has been pulling on the tape which holds his cannula in place. Terri and I decided to give Matthew a break from the tape and cannula on his face. We checked his oxygen saturation levels regularly and were delighted to see that Matthew was maintaining perfect saturation.

Friday, April 21, 2006

After a week long training seminar, it was great to get down to the business of play today!

On your marks, get set, grab a toy!

Hard play is followed by power naps.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter everyone! This year we were fortunate enough to welcome the family to our home for the celebration...

Grandma & Grandpa Wright arrived early to get the first look at Matthew's Easter outfit.

When Matthew woke up from his nap he was a little cranky. Within minutes Grandma Wright, Aunt Kim, and Terri sang him the Little Bunny Foo-Foo song to cheer him up.

It was great to watch uncle Keith laugh as Matthew moved around in his walker. Keith made sure that Matthew's oxygen tube kept clear of any obstructions.

Matthew was quite content in his Jeep today. He is still at that age where his only gear is reverse (babies tend to move backwards in their walkers at first).

Matthew and our dog Quixa get to associate under direct supervision. Quixa likes to lick Matthew's little fingers and I think they will both grow up to be playmates.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

There are certain milestones in parenting that you will never forget. This morning Grandma Wright came by while I was drawing up Matthew's medications. Matthew was standing in his Jeep and having a raucous time with his Grandma. All of the sudden he blurted out, "Da-Da". It was clear enough that Janet and I stopped and looked at each other in surprise. I'll never forget that moment. Matthew is definitely starting to make more and differing noises. I can't wait to hear what's next! Be sure to check in the evening of Easter. Terri and I bought Matthew his 1st Easter outfit and all the family is coming over. There should be lots of good times and pictures.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Auntie Kim bought Matthew this interactive book. It talks, sings the ABC's, and knows when you turn the page. Matthew is very interested in it and it seems to entertain him greatly.

Those of you that have been tracking the Blog know what a stinker Matthew had been with solid foods. Terri, ever vigilant, has kept at it. By the look on his face we thought we were in for more obstinate behavior today...

Terri moved in with the spoon.

In the end he ate some of his food with little protest. He even seems to be processing the taste rather than just enduring the whole experience.

Terri is consistent and persistent with Matthew's physical therapy. He gets a short amount of tummy-time every day.

Though just for a fleeting moment, Matthew held himself up on his hands & knees. This was a big development for Matthew.

Matthew is returning to his old self. The last few nights he has fallen asleep right after being put to bed and has slept all night. He wakes up with a smile and a great disposition. It has been a pleasure to care for him now that several of his medications have run their course.

Matthew has a colorful wooden rosary that hangs from a peg near his changing table. When I changed his diaper this morning he grabbed it and began playing with it all the way into the kitchen.

After several moments of study the rosary went right into his mouth.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Terri is the best physical therapist Matthew could ever wish for. Here she encourages Matthew as he endures "Tummy-Time", his least favorite activity. Terri's persistence has paid off because Matthew didn't even fuss or cry during this session.

After tummy-time Terri put Matthew on the floor and spread out his toys. It takes a mother's patience to keep a little guy like Matthew interested in holding and playing with his toys.

Matthew got so much use out of his bouncy chair that the vibrating seat and hinges were worn out. Casey's friend and co-worker Chris gave us this bouncy that his daughter outgrew. You can see from this picture that Matthew has rediscovered his natural inclination to grab for things. Terri and I are finding it necessary to keep our coffee mugs at chubby arms length.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Matthew's big brother Casey is moving to Chicago today. After his going away dinner party, Casey came over to say goodbye to his little brother. Matthew is really going to miss Casey. We have family in Aurora, Illinois who Casey will be staying with until his apartment in Chicago is ready.

Matthew is experiencing a drug interaction that makes him very agitated. He is still not sleeping very well, though better than earlier this week. We think it is caused by the Albuterol (breathing treatment) and the steroids he's taking for his lungs. He seems very hungry or thirsty, probably from the diuretics. He used to fall asleep within minutes of being put to bed. Now it takes him hours. He cries until his mouth is so dry that we must give him pedialyte to calm him down (while wetting his whistle). Matthew used to behave quite differently and we are struggling with his new behavior.
This picture was taken today in black and white by Matthew's big brother Casey. So don't adjust your color. LOL You can clearly see the "sparkle" has returned in this sweet baby's eyes. That little smile means the world to all of us. Daddy will probably get you all updated this weekend. I wanted to "treat" Matthew's Loved Ones with todays picture to let you know that Matthew is doing fine and feeling better and better everyday. Life is good! grandma w

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Matthew was so enthralled by the Baby Einstein video Terri had playing for him that he wouldn't even turn towards the camera.

Monday, April 03, 2006

While not crying as much or exhibiting behavior like he's in pain, Matthew is still not quite himself. He isn't sleeping well nor is he smiling as much as before. We are hoping that the old Matthew returns soon.