Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sara Kache is a wonderful doctor. Secure and confident in her abilities, she takes a methodical approach instead being cavalier. Doctors rotate out weekly in the units of the various children's hospitals we've been to. Terri and I have noticed that some doctors (at other hospitals) come on duty and make drastic changes to a child's care as if trying to impress the next physician with the progress made under their watch. Matthew has been the victim of this ego driven approach before. However, Dr. Kache always greets us with the same salutation, "Good morning. So, no big changes today..." Then she goes on to explain her conservative plan for the day. You can tell she is pleased when she nods her head and says, "impressive".


Anonymous said...

Isn't Dr. Kache soooo pretty!!

Grandma W said...

I met Dr. Kache right after Matthew's surgery. I had no idea who this petite, dynamic, beatiful person was at the time. Michael is correct, there was no pompous or air about this her. She was so soft spoken and reassuring to those around Matthew. This was a special 5-day experience for me. It was like going on a spiritual retreat where I had an opportunity to be in the presence of God and His Most Special Angels. There was so much to take in no matter what room i was in at the time. My spiritual resolved was enhanced and fortified as I was in awe of my surroundings of great people and the suffering. I experienced the same emotional feelings when I was at St Peter's in Rome. We owe this woman so much in gratitude. God bless you, Sara Kache! God bless you, too, sweet baby! grandma w