Friday, March 17, 2006

Matthew's ear plugs helped shield him from the commotion of new arrivals and the dings & pings of medical machinery.


Denise said...

how could you not feel ever so much better when mommy is looking at you like that.....oh baby magoo, you are so fortunate to have your special mommy and daddy, God hand picked them to bring you thru this life....we are all so glad. hang in there litle darlin, you are God's chosen little ambassador for meaning to the word "faith".
big hugs whomagoo!!

Grandma W said...

This is Matthew's favorite time when Mommy get right down to his level and talks to him. He rewards her with soft touches to the face and hair. Even with earplugs Matthew could hear his mommy singing and making crazy noises that brought wide smiles and enthusiasm. Matthew has the "perfect" parents and he know it. Love you mommy and Matthew, grandma w