Saturday, March 25, 2006

Because his sternum was cut down the center of his chest during surgery, we have to be extra careful not to lift or carry Matthew under his arms for several months. Thus, getting him in and out of his "Jump N Go" bouncy was a two parent job this morning. It was worth the extra effort because he enjoys it so much.


Grandma W said...

There is a Fischer Price swing that Matthew used when he visited Uncle Johnny and Auntie Cheryl's. Ali was the perfect hostess of the mostest and shared this swing that is easy to get in and out of. It swings both forward and back and sideways. I ordered this today and Matthew should have it sometime the end of this week. With a broken sternum, chest muscles cut and a big bad virus that have sadden our always smiling champion, comfort is the main goal for our little Prince of Strength and Courage. It plays music and has lots of dangling toys that will amuse our little Hero. I'm just a sucker for a pretty little face. grandma w

Kerry said...

I was given this link from Jen Daly (Susan used to work for her dad), and after reading all that, I just want to say that Matthew is my new hero, and there isn't even one picture of him crying. I have been volunteering with the American Heart and Stroke Associations for the last year, and have walked two marathons with the Train To End Stroke team through the association. I am adding Matthew to my list of heroes that I walk for, and I am going to share this link with my team. I wish you all the best.

Grandma Sue said...

Thank you Jennifer for for sending this to your friend Kerry. I worked for Jennifer's father (Greg Clarke) for 15 years and they were like family to me and my kids. Jennifer sends emails all the time checking on Matthew's progress also.

What a wonderful thing for you to do Kerry. Matthew is definitely our hero and we are so pleased that you will walk for him also.

Love, Susan King