Monday, March 20, 2006


Denise said...

ah yes, life is good!!! to quote granny w!!

Grandma W said...

I don't think Matthew lost any weight during this period either. Everyone has been amazed at how big and healthy looking Matthew is. Those "thunder thighs" drew rave reviews from the masses. Matthew is in a deep sleep without a care in the world here. He is in his daddy's arms and at his "safe place". This is a beautiful picture because you know he is not in any pain or suffering any withdrawals right now. Sweet dreams, sweet baby. Come home soon! grandma loves and misses you.
grandma w

Grandma Sue said...

This is a sweet picture and Matthew looks so comfortable. He knows he is in a safe place with his Daddy. Michael & Terri made sure they were with him whenever he opened his eyes. That way he knew that no matter where he was, he had his Mommy & Daddy there.

God Bless Michael, Terri & Matthew. We all love you so much.

Mom (Grandma Sue)