Sunday, March 19, 2006

I addition to our loved ones (our friends, family, doctors, and nurses) we get plenty of folks we don't know who happen upon our blog. We happily welcome all of you "with arms wide open" (the song I played in the car the day Matthew came home from the hospital after 5 1/2 months). We invite everyone who visits to please leave comments as often as you like. I promise it is very simple to do...Simply click on comments under each posting.

Also, Terri and I have made our best effort to post pictures of everyone at Stanford who has helped Matthew for two reasons. First, and most obvious, because they deserve our thanks and praise for all their efforts. Secondly, we have been asked to contact families preparing to come to Stanford for their child's surgery. After Terri talks to them on the phone she gives out the address to Matthew's Blog. This way they can very quickly get a sense of the outstanding care that their child is about to receive.


Grandma W said...

During my 5 day visit to Stanford and spending a lot of time in the visitors waiting area, you can't help but converse with the other grandparents, parents and siblings waiting for good news of a loved one in one of the ICU's. Matthew's plight and the others are all alike. Very serious defects to the lungs, liver and heart are spoken of like common colds in at a doctor's office. The miracles performed at Stanford are beyond belief. I hope to write about some of these children in my Nannigrams. Faith, Hope and Love fill the hearts and souls of everyone. They are common words spoken so freely, yet so special to each and every situation. You find yourself really caring for the patients and their families.

If you ever have a few dollars to spare, support the Ronald McDonald House. If nothing else convinces you where charity is needed and appreciated, take a tour of any Ronald McDonald House. That is where my money is going from now on. First you have to "Live" before you can join an organization like Scouting. Ronald McDonald House is the ground floor of the Beginning for the patient, the safe shelter for the family and a place of sharing for the fearful. It is a place where people can come together in a non-medical facility and find shelter in their storm. It is likened to the parable of the Loaves and the Fish. A little feeds the masses. God can only truly Bless those who help others during the darkest days of their life. Be generous with those who "support" Life. If you are anti-abortion, this is the route to take. Give the families and women an alternative for defects. Give families hope for a future in the quality of life. "LIVE IS GOOD". Take the Positive Route to Life
grandma w

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

I am just so amazed how Matthew is doing. Matthew and your family have truely touched our hearts. We think and pray for you often. Keep up the fight!!!!

John,Julie and Alyssa

Anonymous said...

Terri and Mike:

We are so happy to see that Matthew is doing so well. Love that picture of the toothy smile!!
We are praying for him and sending hugs your way. Love, Arlene, Steve, and Kelle.

Grandma W said...

It has taken me all day to get through the Blog. So far I have unpacked my suitcase, paid a few bills and Blogged all day. Tomorrow I will be better. Being on the other side at Stanford and without a computer, I missed all the pictures and comments. Terri said they removed his chest drainage tubes today and it was quite painful. If there had been a bed available they would have moved our little prince to the Step-Down unit. This is wonderful because this is phase one of preparing to go home!....... Pray that God eases Matthew's "withdrawal" symptoms and he gets through them quickly.
God love all of you for your prayers and comments. I love them. I doesn't make me feel like the "big mouth" with a remark for every picture. :) But I love him so much.... grandma w