Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Connie was one of Matthew's Respiratory Therapists last summer. She is always so happy and greets everyone with a smile. When she saw Matthew, she was so overwhelmed by how big he is now and how good he is doing that she started to cry. It is truly touching how much love and emotion the doctors, nurses, and RT's invest in their patients.


Grandma W said...

Tears of Joy are good. Seeing Matthew I am sure reinforced her pride in her chosen path in life. Matthew and his family is surely appreciative of your choice and helping our little hero get to this point in life. Thank you Connie for your love and support. Love you too sweet baby, grandma w

Denise said...

to repeat what has been said, and surely never enough times....the medical professionals at hospitals for Children are SPECIAL emmisaries, angels, that God gave such gifts of interest and compassion, they can do nothing BUT love and care for sick babies. As is evidenced by Connie's reaction to this great gift, her tears were surely a recommitment to her calling. Thank you Connie and all the others on this fabulous team!!!!!!!!!!