Thursday, March 16, 2006

We arrived at the hospital at 6am. Matthew was in typical, great spirits this morning as we waited for surgery.


Auntie Gabrielle said...

Thank you sweet God for the gifts you have given this family!! I am so grateful that you have guided the medical staffs' hands and hearts today-

Look at that beautiful boy's face-if that isn't love _ I just don't know what is-
Auntie Gabrielle misses you baby boy- Get better and come home soon. I am already cleaning my house getting ready for your birthday coming up!

Kim Morantes said...

Hello Terry and Mike: I am keeping track of the progress with Matthew and I am so relieved that the surgery was a success. Prayers are continuing for your whole family. He is a real trooper and a blessing from God. Gabrielle is doing a fantastic job of keeping all informed. Hugs Kim Morantes

E. Tofaeono said...

Baby Matthew,

I am so thankful that your surgery went well. I knew God would be there working with the Doctors to keep you safe. We will keep praying for all of you. Get better sweet baby!



Anonymous said...

Ever since Nesi (Denise B.) started forwarding me updates so very long ago, I've been praying for you nightly. You've been through so much. Last June, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite your even knowing it, you all have been inspirational to me, and your updates helped to not only keep me apprised, but they gave me strength and encouragement to fight my battle, as well. I'm still praying for you and wishing you the best. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Please give little Whomagoo a hug for me. And one for yourselves, too.
With love and respect,
Cubby Conrad, Hanover, PA

Grandma W said...

Matthew is such a well rounded little guy. He was so cool when he arrived at Stanford. All the nurses came from all over to wish him well. Auntie Kim an I were allowed to be back with the King Trio to give him kisses and enjoy him. Look at this beautiful little face that bears no scars of a past surgery. Love you sweet baby! grandma w