Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Once inside the drum, these two sensor plates closed in on Matthew to within a few inches of his face. When he looked over at me for reassurance, I smiled and said, "It's alright Buddy-Boy". Then the expression I've seen a hundred times came over his face...Quiet acceptance of the way life can be.


Grandma W said...

What a perfect descriptiion of "that look" only Matthew can give. He does look to his daddy and mommy to see if it is going to be OK or if there are any signs of panic to worry about. Matthew may have been shorted a pulmonary artery the first go around; but something very precious and special was added......Matthew appears to be a very old soul who is willing to challenge it all to be here on earth with us. Thank you God for this special gift and the miracle of Matthew. Love you the sweetest of babies! grandma w

Denise said...

such a smart brave little guy.....he teaches every day the meaning of patience and, you are so very loved!!!