Sunday, March 19, 2006

Look at our little bruiser holding his own bottle like a big boy!


Grandma W said...

For a little boy who did not appear to "like" the bottle, his new conduit changed that little situation 180 degrees. He took hold of that bottle like it was liquid gold. He is pretty strong now and grabbed his bottle from his nurse and took command of this feeding process. It appeared he could not get enough of it. I think Matthew is going to really take off once he gets home. Nobody is going to kick sand in this little boy's face. I'll take that wager to the bank. Life is good my sweet baby. Love you, love you, love you,
grandma w

Denise said...

ok now, figured it out!!!! the tasty stuff comes thru this thingy!!!!
yippeeeeee big boy!!!!!! i would add to granny w's wager for that no sand in this boys face as well!!!