Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh how I LOVE THIS!!

*lol* Notice the contrast of our faces... one is gleeful bliss, the other... not so much.

Oh how I wish I'd had this alllll along.

A friend from Beaver is letting me borrow "the monkey" leash ...

I can actually stop and talk to someone now w/o Matthew running off like he does ~ he's just too heavy to hold all the time. Honestly, you can't take your eye off him one second up there... he could get lost very easily in the woods.

This sure makes it a lot easier to run back and forth to the cabin... OH MY...
I was just tickled pink when they handed it to me...

My sister Kim didn't like the idea one bit ... but, my Mom liked it too...
Now remember, Kim hasn't had kids and my mom has had four ... *smile*
so sheeee understands what it's like to chase after these monkeys all day long.

Some fun news

Matthew went up to Mike the other day and said, "poo poo" w/ a serious look on his face ...
Mike rushed him over to the potty chair and he pooped... wah hoo.

I did buy Matthew some "pull ups" the other day ... I will start setting the timer for 30 minutes and take him to the potty chair. We'll see what happens after a week.
I didn't know they came in boy or girl pull ups... I accidentally got him pink Dora pull ups...LOL... and it smells like powder.

This morning, Matthew ate a bunch of cut up grapes, apple, yogurt and oreo cookies.
He actually asks for "yo~dirt" and "gwapes" "eerio's" ... today he asked for "appo". I love it when he asks for "oreo tooties".

Things are coming along! We are so excited.

He also lets us know when he wants to watch Baby Noah, Baby Neptune, Elmo, Wiggle's,
and Nemo.

Friday, November 14, 2008

This kid and his glasses!!
He is so funny... really wondering what the heck daddy had on his face.

Friday, November 07, 2008

A walk to the park with "Dwamma"

He really wasn't interested in anything else... just wanted to push the stroller... and he wanted NO HELP from us... he would shove our hands off if we tried.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

New "Roadster" by Schwinn his "Auntie Tim" bought for him

Auntie Tim is really Auntie KIM. He can't pronounce his K's. His K's are T's.