Monday, March 20, 2006

Matthew doesn't hold a grudge. A few minutes after Dr. Amir removed his chest tubes he was back to his jovial self and posed for this picture. I couldn't imagine having this good a disposition after going through that.


Grandma W said...

Look at that beautiful little face. Dr. Amir look pretty proud of his patient as well. Won't it be wonderful when Matthew gets to meet these wonderful people under different circumstances. Angels who save lives and see their patients go on to healthy normal lives. We will cherish all these people in our hearts for the rest of "our" lives. Love you my little tough guy with a jovial disposition. You are the "best", grandma w

Grandma Sue said...

Thank you Dr. Amir and Katelyn for your loving care of our little boy. It must make your hearts feel good also when you see your little patient doing so well.

Your are definitely our Angels. Thank you so much.

I love you Matthew.

Grandma Sue

Anonymous said...

Matthew loves his "Uncle Gabi" ~
Dr. Amir has been w/ us since the very beginning... he was also w/ Dr. Hanley during the surgeries... he's the lucky one who had to come in and pull out Matthew's chest tubes...OUCH...
he pulled out his pacer wires the last time ... Matthew still loves him anyway! We will miss him when he returns to Israel. Gabi is also the Dr. that came into our room last year and noticed the cute blanket that said "bless your heart Matthew" and said that it should say... "bless your heart/lungs Matthew." It was quite funny the way he said it at the time!