Sunday, March 19, 2006

This is Sheryl who took care of Matthew all weekend long. Sheryl is a city girl and knows all the best places to eat. She and Christine deserve the credit for Matthew's new found interest in bottle feeding. Before the surgery, Matthew had been a stinker when it came to feeding time. Sheryl and Christine took the extra time to work with his bottle feeding and you can clearly see the difference.


Grandma W said...

Cheryl was a joy to be around. She kept a spare bottle on hand at all times for our hungry little hero. On Saturday when Matthew was having withdrawals, she craddled him in her arms and gave him so much comfort and love. He placed his little hands on her face and arms as if to "thank" her for that close comfort that he so needed. Auntie Kim and I were in complete awe at the knowledge that resides in her head. She allowed Auntie Kim and I to assist her in removing an ART line in th groin and changing the dressing around the PICC lines in the neck. Now all we did was hold his little hands and keep the neck and shoulder apart for a faster change. She went about her duties with such precision and accuracy. She is the Mickey Button expert on burping. She showed mommy and daddy how to burp little Matthew without a mess.

Glod bless you, Cheryl, anyone who can resist free donuts in the breakroom wins my respect. The See's Candy is another issue entirely and does not count. :) What a difference in operations. Matthew doesn't look any the worse for wear, does he. In fact, he looks like he fake the operations. I don't think there will be any doubts about where Matthew will have his next operation, "in the event one is needed".

Matthew is a celebrity at Stanford. In fact the whole King Trio is a celebrity family and evidence that "expert & excellent" medical care DOES save lives.
Love and respect to all of you, and love and pride to Matthew.
grandma w

Richard Williams said...

I've never known anyone I was prouder of. This little guy is a tremendous source of inspiration for the rest of us when we get aches and pains. God Bless you Matthew and your whole family and friends.