Monday, September 25, 2006

This weekend we went to Beaver with Grandma & Grandpa Wright. Matthew spent the majority of time in Grandma & Grandpa's RV playing with the doggies.

Moose could not get enough of Matthew.

Like with everyone, Moose's ears were just too tempting for Matthew to resist.

Matthew enjoyed demonstrating the law of gravity to Grandpa Wright by dropping everything off the coffee table. Grandpa just laughed and pointed out other items on the table.

As seen here, Matthew and the doggies wore each other out. Matthew lets out the cutest little "koos" of excitement when the dogs are around.

While Matthew took a nap, Grandpa and I put up a new gate to protect Matthew and the dogs from the main road that leads to our property.

Grandma & Grandpa's little doggies are at risk due to the red tailed hawks. Therefore, grandma got them this little kennel so they could still enjoy the outdoors.

Matthew and Grandma Wright visited with the doggies after his nap.

It's hard to beat friendly dogs, a great view, and the crisp mountain air.

"Don't worry guys, if I can just figure out this latch thingy I'll set you free!"

"Hey Dad, let me try that hat on!"

"Looky here, partner! This trailer isn't big enough for the both of us!"

When we got home Casey, Kim, and Joel were waiting for us with a birthday cake for Terri. Didn't Joel do a great job?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Earlier this week we paid a visit to Matthew's Pulmonologist, Dr. Nakamura. It is so nice having Matthew in a front facing car seat so we can see his little face as we travel. His curiosity seems to routinely be peaked as he peers out the windows.

Matthew can't even talk yet and already he keeps putting his foot in his mouth.

Matthew got all high marks from Dr. Nakamura. He is off of his diuretics completely now so hopefully his little kidneys can take a breather. With RSV season coming next month, we will be seeing a lot of Dr. Nakamura's office (Matthew must receive vaccinations every month until April). I am confident that all the wonderful nurses there will be happy to see Matthew swagger through the front door in his upright stroller.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

This weekend the King Trio went up to Beaver, Utah. Matthew got to wear his boots that Margo & Hank gave him for the first time. He looked quite dapper in his mountain-man clothes.

At 6500 feet, the weather can get downright chilly. Johnny, Cheryl, & Ali Hazelwood gave Matthew this denim jacket for his birthday and he finally got to wear it. Speaking of altitude, Matthew faired much better this weekend. In the past he was considerably more lethargic and visibly uncomfortable. This time, however, we saw no clear signs of discomfort and his saturation levels remained in the mid 90's (which is excellent). Like the rest of us, he slept longer after a day in the outdoors (though he still gets a second wind at bedtime these days).

Clad in his outdoorsman apparel, Matthew was ready for an ATV ride.

Strapped to my chest for safety, Matthew enjoyed our trail ride almost as much as Quixa (who loves to run at full speed).

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Matthew's brother, Casey, moved back to Las Vegas this week and our two young men were quickly reunited. Here, Casey is reading to Matthew from his interactive "Leap Frog" book. Matthew was very excited to see Casey.

For brief moments, Matthew can stand and balance on his own. He has even taken to lifting his hands up from the couch (while standing) to test himself.

Matthew and I have been conditioning ourselves for this coming football season. As seen here the physical requirements can, at times, be rigorous. While I will still be manning the remote this season, my protege' has shown promising signs of remote control mastery.

I know this photo is slightly blurry but it is such a quintessential Matthew smile that I couldn't resist.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Some of you may remember our friends Dan, Lucy, and Alison Jiang from San Jose, CA. We met them at UC Stanford during Matthew's first surgery. Their Daughter, Alison, was born with a heart defect similar to Matthew's and she recovered from her 2nd surgery in the bed next to Matthew's. The Jiangs found out last week that Alison has some constriction in her branches and will undergo another open heart surgery on Tuesday. We posted a letter on August 18th from Anna Jaworski on what it means to be the parent of a "heart kid". In addition to her experiences we must add the apprehension you feel with every visit to the cardiologist. Every time your child undergoes an echocardiogram, you must be prepared to be told they need another surgery. Terri and I would like to ask all of our tremendous "Prayer Warriors" to keep the Jiangs in your thoughts and prayers this week.

Dan, Lucy, and Alyson came to visit us during Matthew's 2nd surgery at Stanford last March.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Look, a "rug-rat"!

Matthew likes to get up on his hands and feet. He does this with relative ease but has yet to stand up from this position. He just remains in this position like "Mogly" from "The Jungle Book".

Now that Matthew is mobile, baths have become more frequent. Here Mommy gives him a loving embrace for being such a good sport in the sink.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Matthew appears to have inherited Mommy's "telephone gene". Just wait until he can talk. You will all be in double trouble then.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Some friends were starting to tease us saying that Matthew had a "comb over" hair-do. So our dear friend (and Terri's hair stylist) Tammy came over to give Matthew his first haircut. After pinning a towel around his shoulders, Tammy visited with Matthew for awhile. So would Matthew enjoy his haircut?

No way! Matthew was, to say the least, quite unhappy.

Mommy came to Matthew's rescue. She silenced his cries by reading to him from his favorite book, "Your My Little Love Bug."

Terri even gets a hint of a smile from Matthew.

Matthew didn't hold a grudge and welcomed Tammy's embrace when the ordeal was over.