Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just chillin on the bed watching a little morning TV.
After a long day of work at play, cuddling up w/ his Auntie Tanji while she studies.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Some fun pics

Matthew and Taylor watching DVD's while traveling to Beaver.
Auntie G and Magoo w/ his little Dragon they bought for him.

In the dog house.
The stethescope snatcher. Poor Dr. Baron, Magoo was all over him ~ he WANTED that stethescope.
Matthew and his speech therapist, Mr. Chris.
Matthew and his teacher, Miss Jenn.
Daddy's little helper.
Mike and Tim had this wall all lined up and ready to be screwed together, but Matthew had a different plan.

On our way to Beaver!!
Getting warmed up by Grandma after spending a couple hours in Uncle Keith & Auntie G's pool.

We met daddy for lunch one evening.

Uncle Joel, Taylor, Casey and Magoo.

Christine, one of Matthew's nurses from Stanford. She took care of Matthew after both heart surgeries.
Matthew and Taylor bug. Taylor spent a few days with us. We all had a blast.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Matthew getting a buzz

It was haircut night at the Baxter's. Matthew got his first "buzz"... he did real good and Uncle Timmy did a great job! Mike cut his hairs that night, too!! Not only is Tim a MASTER with a chainsaw, he's the master of the hairclippers as well.


He ran himself ragged ~ was so tired he fell asleep in tub while Mike was drying off.