Sunday, March 19, 2006

Matthew had his chest bandage removed today and you can see here how nice his scar is healing. He also had a line removed from his groin that he no longer needed. Dr. Kache felt that his chest tubes should stay in another day since they were still draining fluid. Matthew has returned to his old self. He spent the day smiling and kicking his feet like "The Little Lord of the Dance". His toothy grin is infectious. Those teeth are so big they look like chicklettes. I told Auntie Kim that I was planning to tile our bathroom with them when they fall out. Margo and Dr. Kache both said Matthew's chest X-rays were the best he's ever had. If all goes well, Matthew may be moved upstairs to the third floor tomorrow where kids are prepared for discharge. In all likelyhood he will be released towards the end of the week.


Shari and Michael said...

Hi Matthew and Family,

What a miracle! I'm so happy to see him doing so well. Each step is a step closer to home!!! He's sure headed in the right direction with the help of everyone taking such great care of him. Keep up the great work lil guy you'll be home soon. Sending many prayers for a continued speedy recovery.

Take care, Shari and Michael ToF, Pacer, Ps

Grandma Sue said...

This is how Matthew looked all day yesterday. He kicked his feet and waved his arms and smiled and studied faces, you name it. When it was time for his bottle, he just grabbed ahold of it and that was it. Of course, the applause didn't hurt either - little ham! Everyone would clap, so he would keep taking it in and out. He actually did drink the whole thing. It appears his new expanded breathing is making it easier for him to do this. Before I left last night, Margo gave him his breathing treatment and then he sat up to say goodbye. I left with joy in my heart after all he, Michael & Terri have been through. We pray that the rest of the week goes as well and he can go home to his very happy life.

Thank you God for this great blessing and keep watching over our precious little boy. He truly deserves your love and praise.

Love, Grandma Sue

Anonymous said...

Your sense of humor is delightful and I am amazed of all God has done. We will continue to pray and have you in our prayers even after Matthew has gone home. Please keep us updated.

May God continue to walk with you and send a special Angel of Health to walk with Matthew in his life's journey.

Grandma W said...

Yesterday morning was wonderful for Auntie Kim and I. We literally had to pull ourselves away from Matthew to head for San Jose and then home. We learned that Matthew "loves" The Farmer in the Dell. Auntie Kim and I went through all the animals we could think of that made noises that we could duplicate. Matthew got so excited and smiled and waved his little arms and legs showing off his "Wrigley Specials". Matthew's nurse realized that we could not sing to him all day to keep him entertained and stepped in to change his dressing. Kim and I got to help. I relly think it was a nice way of telling us to take the Lounge Show back to Las Vegas. :)The arm activity is wonderful because it shows he could not be in too much pain and it also exercises those breast muscles. God has truly blessed our little Hero. If anyone has any doubt that God does not have a fleet of angels watching over him, they need to reread this blog. Dr. Hanley made the remark that Matthew was a "different kid" from last year. I love and miss you sweet baby! Hurry home some! grandma w

Anonymous said...

I feel even worse than my flu makes me feel knowing I wont be able to see little Matthew at Stanford ... Mary, Johnnie, Cheryl, Jennie & I planned to drop by last Sunday, but I ended up spending the day coughing and wheezing away in bed. But Mary & I vow to come to Vegas in the VERY near future to see the two most amazing parents - and the most incredible little angel I have ever known! I spend time each day soaking up all the new content here on Matthews BLOG ... his progress this time is truly incredible! Last time Mary & I were in Vegas, she got to spend time holding this little miracle - next time it's gonna be all Grandpa Hazelwood time! Love you guys - hang in there - Matthew is worth it to you - and all of us!

Auntie Kim said...

It's been less than 24 hours since I've seen our little "whomagoo" and I miss him terribly. I am going through my who-aholic withdrawals today and this picture gives me comfort. It is a relief knowing that he has these happy times during the day in addition to the necessary medical care that isn't confortable.

I want to be sure to add this special note about Matthew's parents who are so good about praising the medical doctors and staff both at Stanford and in Las Vegas. Nevertheless, I have personally witnessed the healing power of Terri and Mike's love. While standing at Matthew's bedside I noticed how he looks around until he spots his parents and then there is relief in is eyes. Those precious little eyes "lock" on to his parents eyes as he listens to the comforting sounds of their voices. I've seen it a hundred times now and each time it amazes me.

They have both been so disciplined with Matthew's medications, breathing treatments, follow up doctor visits, feedings (both day and night), let alone the daily routines of play time, tummy time, bathing, in addition to keeping up with life's other demands. Terri has also been diligent with her "pumping" schedule so that Matthew has an ample supply of breast milk. Somehow Mike has even sqeezed in the taking of a college class this semester.

I am proud to know Terri and Mike and even prouder to call them family. I am in awe of their commitment and steadfastness. Mike and Terri, you are both heroes in my eyes and I couldn't love you any more than I do.

Anonymous said...

What a great little guy. He is so happy and smiling even after the surgery. He is so special. Your whole family is special. Much love and prayer.


abbi silver said...

Yay Mathew. He looks awesome. That is the best thing I have seen all day. God bless little Mathew. I can't wait till he can come home and be with his family.

Denise said...

oh my gosh, to see him smiling like that, true joy in his eyes.....that is such a relief!!
such a big boy you are matthew...little are so loved!!