Saturday, March 18, 2006

A byproduct of Matthew's pain medications is a periodic startled response that jars him out of an otherwise peaceful sleep. He spreads his arms out like he is falling and looks around desperately for a familiar face. Therefore, Grandma Wright and I stayed in close proximity almost the entire day.


Grandma Sue said...

This is such a great picture. Matthew always feels secure with his Daddy & Grandma Wright close by. It has been wonderful for me to spend this past week with Grandma Wright and Auntie Kim. Their love and devotion to Matthew is unquestionable. I know they will miss him when they leave. With God's help, it should only be a short time before he is able to return home to continue his life of happiness and fun.

We all love you Matthew.

Grandma Sue

Anonymous said...

It was great fun having Mom and Kim w/ us ... we miss them now that they've gone home!

Grandma W said...

I will remember these past 5-days forever and ever I was thankful Matthew had gotten use to my face; because it can be quite frightening to wake up and see only me. Matthew can see through the exterior and feel the deep love I have, especially for him. The pain I felt was sharper and cut deeper than I had anticipated when watching him suffer. Wow, I really understand Shirley McClain's explosion when she saw her daughter dying of cancer. The pain rips through your protective shield like a laser. I think this is the only picture of me you will have to endure. The pictures can only get "better" from here :)

Love you boys! grandma w