Saturday, March 18, 2006

These are our friends Dan & Lucy Jiang. They came to visit us today from their home in San Jose. We became close friends when their beautiful daughter Alison had her heart surgery here at Stanford last summer. Ali was in the next bed over from Matthew until she moved upstairs. It was great to see how big she is getting. Terri and I marvel at the similarities between Dan & I and Terri & Lucy. Dan and I were always optimistic and analytical about our children. Terri and Lucy were emotional and constantly worried about what lay ahead.

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Grandma W said...

This picture is evidence of what Faith, Hope and Love can accomplish when combined with "positive thinking" and Stanford. These two families have rounded the darkest corners in life and emerged with warm smiles. This picture is a testimony of God's Healing Grace and Love. Keep this close to your hearts. These two families have earned the right to happiness, not to mention Alison and Matthew. God Bless all of you. grandma w