Friday, March 31, 2006

Even with the contractors running rough-shot through her house, Grandma Wright found time to help Terri during the day.


Denise said...

granny w looks comfy and nurturing, and not militant like she was feeling i know!! thank you so much janet for keeping us all posted and praying hard for the system to work better for all babies at Sunrise hospital. it is amazing to consider what all just happened, but we are all praying and praying and this too shall pass.

Grandma W said...

Notice I have my "Matthew Noah,s Ark" sweatshirt on for him. He grabs at the moon and stars and the bird "sitting on top of Noah's head". Interesting location indeed to be sitting! It looks like I got more into the Barney Cartoon than he did. I hope you notice the rocking chair that "we" are sitting in. There is a story behind it. Ha Ha. Where there is a will there is a way. It got transfered to the 5th floor along with Matthew. This was a necessary piece of medical equipment that Matthew just could not do without. Actually this was the hour and half that Matthew was not moaning, tossing and turning. He has experienced an unpleasant week of being very very ill. Thank you, God, that he is much better and looking forward to going home with mommy and daddy. Love you sweet baby, grandma w

Grandma Sue said...

There's Grandma Wright to the rescue with the rocker she almost had to carry upstairs herself. You can see that Matthew doesn't feel well, but he knows he is safe in your arms. You definitely went to their rescue this week, even with all you had going on.

You are a wonderful person and a spectacular Grandma.

Love, Grandma Sue