Saturday, April 01, 2006

I had to laugh at the way this picture turned out. This face epitomizes Matthew's demeanor this week while sick in the hospital.


Grandma W said...

Matthew's appears to have had enough of being "ignored" while on the Do-It-Yourself Floor at Sunrise Hospital. This looks like the same outfit he was wearing when Mommy had "enough" as well. Hopefully the bad memories will fade away and Matthew will return to his sweet, happy self.

I saw Magoo earlier today, and he was in the soundest, most relaxed sleep that I have seen him in since last Friday a week ago. I know that now Matthew is home, he will get better and better. Mommy said he had a good nights sleep in his own bed right next to daddy. Get better each day, our little Prince of Courage and Strength. Everybody is praying for you to get bigger and stronger by the day. This is just no place like home, is there? Love you sweet baby, grandma w

Denise said...

oh precious....i am so grateful to see that other picture where you look like you!!! if i had seen this face in the DIY hospital i just think it would have been pasted on some adult face rather than yours, but see thats your antinesi for ya, daddy would have had to arrest me or something. thank good ness i am not there to embarress the rest of you!! antinesi has a loud GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Grandma W said...

I understand you and Nurse King got some pretty "vague directions" written out for "all" Matthew's medications upon discharge yesterday. Shame, Shame on Sunrise. Mommy has a "sharp eye" to have caught the doctor didn't break out the individual dosages; but left that for you to figure how much per each dose. The fact that you had to spend the time to call a nurse to figure it out proves how dangerous this "oversight" could have been. It's a good thing mommy worked a couple days at Long's Drug Store Pharmacy a long time ago to have realized Matthew should NOT get the "full 24 hours amounts" each 3 or 4 times a day as prescribed. I would have overdosed either myself or my child had it been me. It takes experience to deal with spreading out the doses. This would just have been yet "another" miscommunication Phoo-Pa for the Do It Yourself Hospital. This was a "careless" error that could have again ended badly for Matthew.

Thank you God for watching over Matthew and Holy Spirit for enlighening mommy and daddy to be able to see where the dangers were. Las Vegas is not a one-horse town; but a large city. Too large to have all these blunders in supposedly the "best" in Las Vegas. I wonder if the judges drew straws?????

I have placed this in two comments fields because I am so outraged at what happen to you sweet baby.

Get well, sweet baby, Mommy and daddy are watching over you down to the very last detail regarding your health. Love you, King Trio!! grandma w

Grandma Sue said...

Oh, looking at this picture makes me want to cry for what he had to go through. He just plain had enough of that place. Thank you God for giving him the best parents around to watch over our precious little boy.

I love you all. Grandma Sue