Sunday, April 16, 2006

When Matthew woke up from his nap he was a little cranky. Within minutes Grandma Wright, Aunt Kim, and Terri sang him the Little Bunny Foo-Foo song to cheer him up.


Grandma W said...

Little Bunny Foo-Foo can be very entertaining when you have 3-grown women trying to muster up a smile from a baby. I think Matthew pretends to be cranky just to get us to perform our comedy act. Notice Matthew's little blue, soft leather shoes. Matthew rules!
Love you sweet baby! grandma w

Grandma Sue said...

So, when are the girls going to take the show on the road? I'm sure Matthew wants you all to himself. It's amazing that a cute little boy can get 3 grown women to sing, dance and whatever to make him laugh. I know that it is so worth it.

Love to all.

Grandma Sue