Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Terri moved in with the spoon.


Grandma Sue said...

What a good boy. He really is trying. I'm so happy to see him looking and feeling so much better. It just breaks my heart to see him unhappy. He is really amazing the way he bounces back so quickly. I'm just glad the smiles are returning and that he is sleeping through the night once again. Finally some rest for Mommy & Daddy.

I love you all.

Grandma Sue

Grandma W said...

"Well, okay!; but just "one" spoonful...... He is actually leaning into that spoon. The crowd is holding its breath...Will he or won't he is the big question being asked....So far so good for mommy's side. That is a positive sign. The "stare" contest is still going on, however. Ha Ha
I can just hear mommy telling Matthew what a "good boy" he is....sweet talk does win you a few mouthfuls.....Saga to continue. grandma w