Wednesday, April 05, 2006

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Grandma W said...

I simply adore these side shots of our little hero. He does love those Babyi Einstein dvds. It must feel good to be sitting up in his little jeep.

Mommy and daddy keep him moving around to all his toys. The only challenging part is the difficulty of getting him in and out of some of these contraptions. Until he can be lifted under the arm pits, it puts quite a strain on the ole back. I have good leg muscles to compensate for the back, but I think the thighs are where my stomach muscles are being held hostage. They were kidnapped, many moons ago. That was before the Amber Alert became so popular too. My doctor told me I could probably get them back, but the price is so high.....(exercise). ugh! Who knows what else I have stored in my thighs?

But it is good to see our little hero sitting up and enjoying the entertainment. He is still the "darling" of the family and we are ALL looking forward to his very first birthday! Life is good!
Love you sweet baby! grandma w