Sunday, April 09, 2006

Terri is the best physical therapist Matthew could ever wish for. Here she encourages Matthew as he endures "Tummy-Time", his least favorite activity. Terri's persistence has paid off because Matthew didn't even fuss or cry during this session.


Grandma Sue said...

Way to go Terri. He looks like he's really trying. You have a lot of patience - after not much sleep. Hopefully he will get back to his little happy self soon. I'm so glad he will be off the steroids soon also.

You are a wonderful Mom.

Love, Sue

TUFFENUF said...

How difficult it must be for little Matthew to be on his tummy. I am sure his chest still hurts from the surgery. I hope the little guy recovers quickly and will soon be moving around with a smile on his face.

Grandma W said...

After reading my original comment, I decided to modify some of the errors. I sounded like a retard!!!!!!

Now that Matthew is off his steroids, eating more solids and had his heart conduit upgraded, this little man is going to shock everybody with his new found energy and strength. I saw him today and as mommy walked down the hall, and he saw me, he just burst out into that precious grin. While I was talking to Terri, he thought I was talking to him and he just smiled and smiled. I don't think Matthew had the energy before his heart surgery to even want to increase "his space". Now that he is feeling better, his horizons have broaden. I actually witnessed him taking a nap yesterday afternoon. This was a first day nap I have witnessed since his return home. Things are really looking up for the King Trio. I love you guys, grandma w

Denise said...

such great news!!!! i just knew that little guy was going to come out of it when those icky drugs went away....blech!

God Bless you all!