Friday, April 28, 2006

Matthew looks as if the red lights and siren of a police car are right behind him. "Whoops, I shouldn't talk & drive."


Grandma W said...

Busted!!!!! I just hate it when this happens, don't you. Matthew you need to get an ear piece. The bright red phone is a dead give away. The ear piece is still a distractions, but not as easily detected by law enforcement. They'll just think you are "nuts" driving down the road "talking to yourself". hee hee
Love that look of "guilt". You have it down pat! Just another one of your expressions that need to be tones down a little. You will never be able to tell a fib with "that look". You still look like and "angel" to your grandma w

Grandma Sue said...

This is so funny. He definitely has every imaginable expression and uses all of them. I think you interrupted his phone call to Uncle Jerry - do you mind if I finish?

Very cute. Love, Grandma Sue

Denise said...

oh it is priceless!!! and he looks like he is fetting caught at something, how hilarious!!!

beautiful make my heart sing!