Sunday, April 09, 2006

After tummy-time Terri put Matthew on the floor and spread out his toys. It takes a mother's patience to keep a little guy like Matthew interested in holding and playing with his toys.


Grandma W said...

Terri and Matthew are really "in tune" with each other. Daddy is too, but mothers do demonstrate more patience with little ones. Matthew's mommy is a good teacher and Matthew is a smart little guy. He has learned how to throw toys out of his swing. It has little rings with holes in the center that fit on a frame. He tries his darndest to get them off by moving them back and forth. Of course, we all know what he would do to them if could remove them......throw them on the floor. LOL It is just wonderful to see our little hero feeling so much better. Mommy puts in 24 hours of her day taking care of Matthew one way or another. Mother's can sometime become very weary of the doing the same thing day in and day out, everyday; but just like Casey, her big reward will come later. Just seeing Matthew grow and mature each day and feeling better is our reward, and I appreciate how he is doing it with mommy and daddy's loving care. Life is good! Love you guys! grandma w

Grandma Sue said...

He looks very interested in that little yellow duck. Your patience is wonderful. You and Michael have been through so much, but the rewards are there when you can look at Matthew and how well he is doing.

I love you all so much. Mom (Grandma Sue)