Sunday, April 16, 2006

Matthew and our dog Quixa get to associate under direct supervision. Quixa likes to lick Matthew's little fingers and I think they will both grow up to be playmates.


Grandma W said...

Quixa has great motherly instincts. I watched her play with Moose when she was just a pound or so. She would walk over Moose, with the puppy walking between her front legs. Quixa was so gentle with Matthew and so proud when he laughed and reached for her. Matthew certainly wasn't afraid of his big protector. Matthew and Terri have given both Matthew and Quixa nothing but love. I am sure Matthew will always be under the watchful eye of Quixa. This is a precious picture. Love you two! grandma w

Grandma Sue said...

It is so great to see that Matthew loves Quixa. She is such a well behaved dog and will definitely be protective over Matthew. It won't be too long before Matthew can go with Daddy to watch the dogs train. Lots of fun times ahead for our happy little boy.

Love, Grandma Sue