Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Matthew is returning to his old self. The last few nights he has fallen asleep right after being put to bed and has slept all night. He wakes up with a smile and a great disposition. It has been a pleasure to care for him now that several of his medications have run their course.


Grandma Sue said...

How funny is this! Where did that expression come from? I'm so glad he's off that awful medicine. We want our sweet baby back. He definitely looks like an Irishman here.

I love you sweet baby.

Grandma Sue

Grandma W said...

We all know Matthew's personality, and knew all the events since 3/16/06 contributed to his grumpy behavior. All these good things are a sign that he is healing and getting better and better each day. We ALL feel better, the next day, after a good nights sleep. Now Matthew is concentrating on more tummy time and crawling. He has a busy world ahead of him; but this little red head is ready for it. Love you sweet, happy baby! grandma w

Denise said...

i am so happy to see this irish boy smiling again....makes my day so much better!!!!

God Bless you little darlin one!!!!