Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Terri is consistent and persistent with Matthew's physical therapy. He gets a short amount of tummy-time every day.


Grandma Sue said...

Your patience is amazing Terri and it really is paying off. Just look at the strength in his arms. He even seems to be enjoying it.

Great work Mommy - you're the best!

Love, Sue (Grandma Sue)

P.S. I think you could have a whole new career in Physical Therapy.

Grandma W said...

By golly, he does appear to be having fun!!! He's been watching his daddy do his exercises and realizes if he is going to catch up with Ali, his little girl friend, he had better "bulk up" for the big crawl. Now that he is feeling good and has the energy, don't be surprised at how fast Matthew catches up. These little ones are so amazing. You just can't keep a good man down!!! Mommy is going to need a Physical Therapist after spending all the time on the floor and keeping up with "Magoo". LOL. Just kidding, mommy, you are in great shape! Love you all, my "special" ones. grandma w