Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Matthew was so enthralled by the Baby Einstein video Terri had playing for him that he wouldn't even turn towards the camera.


Grandma W said...

Matthew gets so involved with bright colored object, and when you add music to it, you've lost his attention and might as well give up even trying. When he cries, if you start to sing for him, he puts it on mute, and quietly hears you out. I even enjoy the Baby Einstein videos. Disney did a fantastic job of putting music and objects together and it is very soothing.

Matthew likes to play with moving objects. This little boy is like both his parents and likes to be busy and moving about. This is not going to be a child willing to sit back and watch a fly on the wall. He is going to be our "action hero". He knows how to move all those body parts really fast, including the eyebrow, he just needs to get them on the floor for some traction and take off.
All in good time, our little hero. All in good time. Love you beautiful, sweet baby! grandma w

Denise said...

I have heard some really good things about the Baby Einstein videos, and am gratified to see that it is truth!! Not only will our little hero be playful and fun, he will be BRILLIANT!!! when he is off those darn drugs his personality will return and it won't feel rare to catch that smile and sparkle again! I live some days to see these pictures and hear the latest!

Keep smiling and growing big little whomagoo!!!