Sunday, April 16, 2006

Matthew was quite content in his Jeep today. He is still at that age where his only gear is reverse (babies tend to move backwards in their walkers at first).


Cathy said...

He's such a cutie! I hope you had a good Easter!

If you wish, I'll add Matthew and your family to my prayer list.

Michael said...

Thank you Cathy. We would love that very much.

Grandma W said...

Grandpa Wright accidentially pulled on the little yellow windshield and it came off on one side. Matthew watch him put it back together. From that time on, Matthew's concentration was that particular area. He was trying to duplicate pappa's action. He knew that side came off and by golly one day he WILL get it off. LOL Matthew is a very bright little guy. He is always watching and studying us, so we better set a "super" example for our little redheaded Irishman. Love that sweet little face! grandma w

Grandma Sue said...

He is just so cute. This is a great picture. He definitely likes cars and seems so happy just moving around in his jeep.

He looks so grown up in his new little boy outfit. Very sweet.

Love, Grandma Sue

Denise said...

so precious, so much joy emanating from the photos!!! it is such a huge relief to see that sparkle back in him!!!!

Thank you Lord for this day!!!