Friday, April 28, 2006


Grandma W said...

It looks like the bumper came off the car here. Hummmm Funny how that will happen when a telephone pole jumps out on the road right in front of you. It couldn't have been that Matthw was "on the phone" at the time. Nah! Officer, I devoted my entire attention to the road. I just didn't see that telephone pole crossing the road. They are hard to see,day or night, you know. Well, that's his story anyway, and he better stick to it and NOT change a word of it. Maybe I shouldn't read him Calvin and Hobbes anymore....... It's all grandma w's fault. Right?

Grandma Sue said...

Oh, now this is a happy little boy - out on the patio in his car watching Daddy do the yard work. It looks like he is going to definitely like cars. I wouldn't want to get in a bumper car in front of him. What a cutie.

Love, Grandma Sue