Thursday, April 27, 2006

Momma-razzi caught up with our Little Hero and Auntie Kim "doing lunch" together. Matthew really "digs" this "eating out thing" which just proves he is related to "all of us". LOL The sunglasses are an added touch of sophistication to an otherwise "very mellow fellow". But, then again, could it be because he is lunching with a Deputy District Attorney that he did not want to be recognized???? You know how the Media bashes "celebrities" and put their own spin on things. It looks to me like it was a positive setting from the big smile on his beautiful Auntie Kim's face. Love you two! grandma w


Grandma Sue said...

What fun! This is a great picture. Beautiful is definitely the name for Kim - just like Mommy Terri. It is so wonderful that he is able to go out and enjoy life. He definitely deserves it. It's amazing how we all take that for granted and it is a huge step for them.

Love to all. Grandma Sue

Denise said...

AAWESOME!!!! Lunch with anti kim has to be one of the highlights!! surely there was a chocolate something on that menu!!!