Monday, March 12, 2007

Quick update until Mike gets some pics up

We've been up in Beaver, Utah w/ my parents for the past three days.

We have some adorable pictures of Matthew in the motorhome and will get those up as soon as possible.

Matthew is doing just fine ... but still has that weird "lung issue." It's been 8 days and there is no change.
He coughs a lot, sounds rattly and has a runny & stuffy nose ~ but he doesn't have a fever and doesn't act sick. His saturation levels are still great, around 96, 97. I'd be worried if his SAT's were low.

Today will be his first day off the steroids so we'll see how that goes. I think I'll keep him on the Musinex though. I put a call into the pulmonologist yesterday.


Nancy Jensen said...

Miss Jess has been coughing and been congested too. I think we've narrowly escaped Jess being on steroids although her doctor pretty much leaves that decision up to me. (lucky me, huh?)

Hope Matthew improves and doesn't need more steroids.


Grandma W said...

Nothing keeps our little hero from buzzing around. He is perpetual motion, fur shur!

Musinex really helped him out this weekend. I think this cough may be allergy induced. At least my misery stems from those buggers filling the air.

Love you little hero. grandma wright

Denise said...

could it be allergies??? kinda sounds like to me, since there is no fever. that would simply be rude for him to have a bunch of those as well as his other challenges!! good grief!!
honey boy, you just get well soon!!!

Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

he was just put on a pretty powerful antibiotic.