Wednesday, March 28, 2007

After a long day

The boys were quite tired after working so hard planting all those trees!!
We sat by the wood burning stove in the barn for a nice relaxing evening.

You'll notice an adorable white lab sleeping under our camper. This is Amy, our neighbors dog in Beaver. She always spends the weekend with us... and plays with Quixa. She's a stowaway dog... she sneaks under the camper and sleeps on the white roll of insulation thinking we don't know she's there... actually, one night... we didn't know until the next morning. We all love her.


Grandma W said...

You have just seen some pretty sleepy boys sitting by the fire to get warm after it turned pretty chilly Saturday night. That wood burning stove puts out a lot of heat for the size of that big steel building that Michael erected several years ago. (It is amazing; but Michael has that Midas Touch!)

Did you notice the neighbor's Golden Retriever, Amy, sleeping under the King Trio's camper? Ha Ha
Within 5 mins after pulling on to their property, Amy is right there to greet the Kings. Amy is Quixa's very best friend and running mate. It is so much fun to watch the two dogs play. Amy stays with the King Trio the entire time they are there. Her owners have resigned themselves to the fact Amy has a second "loved" family. Amy greets our RV with the same enthusiasm. She accompanies Terri and I when we get a break and take the ATV's out. She is the perfect watch dog..... always within earshot and eyeshot. I consider her my granddog too!

Mike was wiped out after planting all those trees. As you can see the "staying" power of youth prevails.........

Love all these pictures. Wish we had been there last weekend. grandma wright

GoofyJ said...

Just getting caught up again. Sorry you had a rough weekend, and what a frustrating Monday! Yikes. I hope that Matthew is doing better. I love the photos too by the way.

Grandma Sue said...

The wood burning stove must feel wonderful when the evenings start getting cold. What a wonderful help Daniel is. He has been so wonderful with Matthew since the beginning. I'm sure it's fun for him getting away in the country for the weekend also. I'm so glad that Quixa has a playmate also. These are just happy, great pictures. I, too, wish I was there. I do hope to spend many days visiting there and in Las Vegas soon.

Love, Grandma Sue